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My sobriety date is 04-05-2006.  Throughout my recovery I have made it my goal to work and live the Twelve Steps, I spent a year in recovery based group therapy where I learned the communication skills necessary to be in a loving relationship with others and my Higher Power. 

In 2006 I had little to nothing good.  I especially lacked self-esteem.  Since then I have started and maintain a small sewing business, I am in a romantic and healthy relationship seven years so far, I am a good mom and make peace of mind and emotional sobriety a goal.   I love working and writing articles at Recovery Farmhouse.

I have had many times of happy joyous and free living while sober and have had periods of time when fear dominated my thinking.  Through it all I have been writing and documenting what I have learned and experienced on my journey of recovery, my epiphanies, revelations, disappointments, mistakes, misconceptions, crushed dreams, fulfillment and enlightenment. 

My goal concerning this website is to share what useful and important information I have about sobriety and to share the exercises and tools that keep me not only clean & sober but also keep my life relatively free of kayos, hate and dysfunction as much as possible. 

Changing thought patterns takes a lot of practice.  I am here to share the AA methods mixed with some good aspects of religion and my experience with therapeutic methods that have shown me the most success.



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