The Next Right Thing


If you are new to recovery it is important to go to 90 meetings in 90 days.  Get a sponsor, work the 12 steps and begin doing service work.  Let not the good be the enemy of the best.

Your addict won’t make you miss meetings over run of the mill activities.  You will miss meetings to do things like spend time with your children, go buy an important item, go to work, to church, or to a family gathering.  Things like these keep newcomers from meetings because they feel they want to do the next right thing for their family because they haven’t for a long time.  However these activities admirable as they may be…WILL GET A NEWCOMER DRUNK if they are not diligent about sticking strictly to their meeting schedule first and foremost!  So early on the next right thing is one of the things listed below that pertains to AA or meditation and prayer.  However even the “next right things” can serve as sobriety sabotage.

Write a stinking gratitude list (never helped me much)
Go Fishing
Go to a movie
God to the beach
take a walk
take a walk on the beach
take a walk in a local park
go bird watching at the park (they have binoculars)
go fly a kite
go to church
go to a meeting
read the Big Book
Do Step Eleven meditation
Count the good things I have done today toward recovery
positive affirmations
dress up
write in you journal
write your book
start a blog
make amends
work the steps
sponsor someone
share in a meeting
do service work
take a meeting into the jail or institution
go to work
be kind to a stranger
be kind to your family
restrain you pen and tongue
gather your unused items and have a yard sale
get up early and take a shower
put on your shoes
write a letter to someone you miss
pet your animals
go shopping when you can afford it
raise your children
mend fences with loved one’s
plant a garden
take a vacation
make a good meal
get some rest
mow the lawn
build a house
build a doghouse
build something
write poetry
go to a meeting
go to a meeting
laugh when you have the opportunity
Cry when it hurts
Tell someone they have done a good job
Tell someone they are beautiful inside and out
ride bikes
ride motorcycle
make a sober toast with sparkling grape juice you deserve it!
celebrate your sober birthday by picking up a medallion
present a medallion
Scream when you are angry
Write a “fuck you” letter (do not mail) to get out your feelings of hurt.
Work the fourth step with total honesty and thoroughness
Read at the meeting
share that you had a bad day as we all do
Let the newcomer know at 10 years we still have rough days
don’t pretend their are no rough days
take of the mask to help others so they know that the good news is now we can feel, the bad news is now we can feel.
call your sponsor
call your sponsee
write a better next right thing list and send it to me at Make sure you write “NEXT RIGHT THING” in the subject box of the email.
thanks RFH

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